DP Flow win order for a #flow_conditioning orifice plate. If you have non ideal #flow_conditions,...

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DP-Flow provide a comprehensive range of flow meters, temperature transmitters and pressure transmitters to the process, oil and gas, chemical and utility industries.
Our measurement solutions incorporate liquid, gas and steam flow measurement products using the most relevant technologies to suit the client’s process conditions and budget.

DP-Flow tailor solutions to your needs by supplying the correct sensors, transmitters and interface instrumentation using GSM, HART, MODBUS, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus.  Options are available for wireless data collection.

The flow meters we provide are reliable efficient 'tested' technologies including clamp on ultrasonic flow meters, insertion ultrasonic flow meters, differential pressure metering, electromagnetic flow meters, vortex, thermal and turbine.

DP-Flow supply a complete range of primary devices such as venturi, orifice, nozzle, wedge, cone and pitot tubes with full material certification, built to ISO quality certified standards and manufactured using coded welders. Our range of d/p flow meters include the provision of conditioning orifice plates, carriers, compact orifice and mass flow metering variants. We supply restriction plates, and pressure reduction / noise reduction systems for pressure safety systems.

DP-Flow offers expertise in the form of site support, site demonstrations where applicable, and short lead times on many products.

DP-Flow have experienced engineers have completed BIOSET, MIST, HUET and EBS training, on courses approved by OPITO, enabling offshore work if required. CSCS is mandatory for new employees expected to attend site.

DP-Flow have extensive background experience in the flow metering sector, and look forward to working with you on your demanding applications.

If you require further information on this product or would like a quotation, please contact dp-flow on:

sales +44(0)1865 60 0245