Flow is divided into several different areas. Coriolis Flow Meters offer mass flow measurement to accuracies of 0.1% and are ideal for custody and batching applications.Differential Pressure Flow Meters offer a compact solution and easy installation in to existing plant where high performance is required. Differential Pressure Primary Elementsoffer a traditional approach to metering, with high performance and site calibration capability. Electromagnetic meters are the work horse of the water flow measurement world, installed in IP67/68 applications, they can be field verified in compliance with MCERTS regulations. Ultrasonic Flow Meters perfect for retrofitting to existing plant, no pipe penetrations or process shut downs are required. Vortex Flow Meters use the von Karmen Street vortex shedding principle, this range can be configured to accommodate upstream bends and have active Reynolds number correction. Positive Displacement Meters Perfect for oil and fuel applications in the hydrocarbon industry, these offer a tight accuracy and basic pulse output for connection to almost all flow indicators and computers. Turbine meters are available for liquids and gas applications, suitable for high Reynolds number flow applications typically on low viscosity fluids.