Flemco Flow Meters F1&F2


The EMCO compact orifice range of flow meters measure most liquids and gases.The FLEMCO meter is a compact orifice assembly designed to slip between DIN and ANSI flanges, and is designed for compact mounted dp cells. With an installation length of 32mm it can be installed in existing systems simply and easily, and incorporates the dp flow priciple. d.p. metering enables easy re-calibration routines for process operators, negating the need for expensive flow metering spares and external flow recalibration services.


  • Sizes ranging from DN 40 (1½") up to DN 400 (16").
  • Standardised product based on well proven and widely accepted technology.
  • No moving parts.
  • Not sensitive to vibrations.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy to install.
  • High accuracy.

Typical Applications

The FLEMCO flow meters measure the flow of most liquids and gases within the process industries, including chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical and the power industry.

The FLEMCO is based on the principle of measuring velocity in the pipe line,therefore the flow measurement is volumetric.

The FLEMCO flow meters are backed by international standards covering flow calculation, manufacturing tolerances, accuracy and installation requirements.

This type of bare bone technology is accepted world wide and supported by millions of successful installations.

The FLEMCO flow meter features are:

  • Standardised product based on well proven technology.
  • Compact design.
  • Simple construction.
  • Free choice for horizontal or vertical pipe run.
  • Standardised construction means low inventory.
  • No moving parts.
  • Not sensitive to vibrations.
  • The electronics delivers output signal linear to flow.
  • Digital indicator for local flow reading.
  • High accuracy.
  • Wide rangeability.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to re-calibrate.

flemco modelF2 modelF1

Construction (F2 and F1 shown)

Model F1

The FLEMCO flow meter model F1 consists of a primary element based on the differential pressure principle, a 3 valve manifold valve and an electronic differential pressure transmitter with digital signal processing.

Model F2

The FLEMCO flow meter model F2 consists of a primary element based on the differential pressure principle with an integrated 3 valve manifold valve and an electronic differential pressure transmitter with digital signal processing. The FLEMCO flow meter is mounted between flanges in sizes from DN 40 (11⁄2") to DN 400 (16") in pressure ratings up to PN 40 (300 lbs).

remote mount kit rmk



Remote Mounting Kit type RMK is available if remote mounting of electronics is required in case of difficulty accessibling pipeline or if there are elevated process temperatures. The customer has to provide the stainless steel instrument tube Ø 12 x 1 mm between flow meter and electronics. Remote electronic indicator with LCD is available for local flow indication and if required check/change of flow rate (differential pressure).

Principle of Measurement

The FLEMCO is a velocity flow meter. A restriction in a pipe line changes the value of respective momentum energies, in terms of static and dynamic pressure. Based on the laws of energy balance developed by Bernoulli, the sum of the energies remain constant. Increasing the velocity in the pipe line, decreases the pressure in the restriction. The pressure differential between the inlet pressure and the pressure in the restriction is measured and expressed as flow velocity. When the physical values of the fluid are known and the inner pipe diameter is established the electronics calculates the flow rate. The flow rate is expressed in an analogue signal 4 - 20 mA signal or via digital communication.

Technical Data

  • Sizes : DN 40 - DN 400, 11⁄2" - 16", larger sizes on request
  • Pressure rating : up to PN 40, 300 lbs, higher pressure ratings on request
  • Simple construction.
  • Temperature : Process : -50 - +150°C,
  • higher temperature with Remote Mounting Kit
  • Mounting style : Between flanges according to DIN or ANSI standards
  • Flange facing : flat face (standard), raised face, DIN 2512 N, DIN 2513 R
  • Overall length : 32 mm
  • Material : Stainless steel AISI 316, others on request
  • Design and calculation standards : ISO 5167, ASME MFC-3M.
  • Vent or drain hole : On request
  • β (d/D) : 0,5 and 0,6; other β on request.
  • Accuracy : +/- 1 %
  • Rangeability : 8:1
  • Repeatability : better than 0,1 %
  • Pressure loss : typical 150 mbar for liquid flow, and 50 mbar for gas flow (values are given at full flow)
  • Reynolds No : Re > 5000
  • Output signal : analogue 4 - 20 mA or Digital communication via protocol, HART, PROFIBUS, Fieldbus Foundation or others.
  • Local indicator (option): LCD showing flowing units or %
  • Power supply : 14 - 36 Vdc, typical 24 Vdc.
  • Max load (24 Vdc) : 700 Ohm
  • Enclosure : IP 67
  • Ex protection : intrinsically safe EEx ia IIC T6,Explosion proof EEx d IIC T6
  • Temperature : Ambient : -40 - +80°C


DIN Flanges

SizePipe ODPressure ratingInner pipe diameterß = 0,5 Boreß = 0,6 BoreBA1A2
DN 4048,3PN 4043,121,526,090147157
DN 5060,3PN 4054,527,332,0107156166
DN 6576,1PN 4070,335,042,0127166176
DN 8088,9PN 4082,541,049,5142173183
DN 100114,3PN 16107,154,064,0162183193
DN 100114,3PN 40107,154,064,0168186196
DN 125139,7PN 16131,766,079,0192198208
DN 125139,7PN 40131,766,079,0194199209
DN 150168,3PN 16159,380,096,0218211221
DN 150168,3PN 40159,380,096,0224214224
DN 200219,1PN 16207,3104,0124,4273239249
DN 200219,1PN 25206,5104,0124,4284244254
DN 200219,1PN 40206,5104,0124,4290247257
DN 250273PN 16260,4130,0156,0329267277
DN 250273PN 25258,8130,0156,0340272282
DN 250273PN 40258,8130,0156,0352278288
DN 300323,9PN 10309,7155,0185,0378291301
DN 300323,9PN 16309,7155,0185,0384294304
DN 300323,9PN 25307,9155,0185,0400302312
DN 300323,9PN 40307,9155,0185,0417311321
DN 350355,6PN 10341,4170,0204,0438321331
DN 350355,6PN 16339,6170,0204,0444324334
DN 350355,6PN 25339,6170,0204,0457331341
DN 350355,6PN 40338,0170,0204,0474339349
DN 400406,4PN 10392,2195,0234,0489341351
DN 400406,4PN 16390,4195,0234,0495350360
DN 400406,4PN 25388,8195,0234,0514359369
DN 400406,4PN 40384,4195,0234,0546375385

ANSI Flanges

SizePipe ODPressure ratingSch. 10S Inner pipeSch. 40 Inner pipeSch. 80 Inner pipeß=05 Bore.ß=06 Bore.BA1A2
  300lbs     95,3150160
  300lbs     111,1158168
  300lbs     149,1177187
  300lbs     181,1193203
  300lbs     279,4242252
  300lbs     308256266
  300lbs     362283293
  300lbs     422,3313323
  300lbs     485,8345355
  300lbs     539,8372382

Overall Dimensions

flemco ga

Installation Requirements

The FLEMCO flow meter can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical pipe. For liquid flow in a horizontal pipe the electronics shall be mounted below the pipe. For gas flow in a horizontal pipe the electronics shall be mounted above the pipe. To insure high accuracy of measurement, long straight pipe runs up-stream from the flow meter is necessary. The required straight pipe run depends on the disturbance upstream. To maintain the 1% accuracy the minimum straight pipe run upstream shall be 14 x inner pipe diameter and 6 x downstream If an additional inaccuracy of 1⁄2 % is acceptable the required straight pipe runs are reduced to half of the above values. If mass flow required due to changing process conditions ask for the ORIMAS mass flow meter data sheet. Saturated and superheated steam is covered by STEEMCO flow meters

Flemco Coding

1. Type 
In AISI 316 withcode F1 
transmitter flange integrated manifoldcode F2
2. Size 
DN 40 DIN standardcode 040
DN 50 DIN standardcode 050
DN 65 DIN standardcode 065
DN 80 DIN standardcode 080
DN 100 DIN standardcode 100
DN 125 DIN standardcode 125
DN 150 DIN standardcode 150
DN 200 DIN standardcode 200
DN 250 DIN standardcode 250
DN 300 DIN standardcode 300
DN 350 DIN standardcode 350
DN 400 DIN standardcode 400
11⁄2” ANSI standardcode 01.5
2” ANSI standardcode 002
3” ANSI standardcode 003
4” ANSI standardcode 004
6” ANSI standardcode 006
8” ANSI standardcode 008
10” ANSI standardcode 010
12” ANSI standardcode 012
14” ANSI standardcode 014
16” ANSI standardcode 016
3. Pressure rating 
PN 10 DIN standardcode 10
PN 16 DIN standardcode 16
PN 25 DIN standardcode 25
PN 40 DIN standardcode 40
150 lbs ANSI standardcode 15
300 lbs ANSI standardcode 30
4. Facing 
DIN 2526 Form Acode 26
DIN 2513 Form R13code 13 
DIN 2512 Form Ncode 12
Raised face RF ANSI standardcode RF
Flat face FF ANSI standardcode FF
5. Pipe schedule ( only applicable for ANSI flanges) 
DIN flangescode 00 
Schedule 10Scode 10 
Schedule 40code 40 
Schedule 80code 80
6. β value 
β value 0.5code 5
β value 0.6code 6
β value free choicecode 9
7. Drain/vent hole Ø3 mm 
Without drain/vent holecode 0
With drain/vent holecode 1
8. manifold valve 
F1 - Withoutcode 0
F1 - 3 valve manifoldcode 1
F2 - Integrated 3 valvecode 2
9. Differential pressure transmitter 
Withoutcode 0
Included code Original transmitter type no. 


DN 100 FLEMCO F1 in stainless steel PN 40 with DIN 2526 facing, β value 0,6, without drain/vent hole and with 3 valve type G3H double flanged manifold valve and without transmitter has following code: F1-100-40-26-00-6-0-1-0

8" FLEMCO in stainless steel 150 lbs with RF facing with β value 0,5, with drain/vent hole, with integrated 3 valve manifold and Yokogawa differential pressure transmitter type EJX 110A has following code: F2-008-15-RF-40-5-1-2-EJX110A Remote mounting kit type RMK is ordered separately.

Works with:-

Differential pressure transmitters:-IDP10; IDP15; IDP25; IDP31; IDP50
And all our Absolute Pressure and Gauge Pressure transmitters, Temperature sensors and mass flow computers.
MultiVariable Transmitters :- IMV25, IMV30

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