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CONVAL Features

Three separate editions of CONVAL® are now available. They differ only with regard to the functional scope of the integrated calculation modules. An optional thermodynamic modul is avaliable for all editions.

For detailled information about the calculation modules see the table at the bottom of the page.


Control Valves

Control valves Key Performance Indicator "Ri". It’s the base of an expert system with detailed alarms, warnings and hints in order to improve the overall reliability of a valve solution for liquid, gas and steam applications.
Calculation of the cv value, total flow and upstream and downstream pressures
Calculation of frequency-dependent sound pressure levels in accordance with the IEC 60534-8-3:2011 and IEC 60534-8-4:2005. Implementation of noise prediction for multistage trims according to IEC 60534-8-3:2010. Improved noise prediction for downstream resistance structures (Silencer, Multihole baffles) by a modified calculation according to IEC 60534-8-3 respectively IEC 60534-8-4.
Noise calculations according to the IEC 60534-8-3:2000, ISA-75.17:1989 and VDMA 24422 from 1979 and 1989 are still possible.
Characteristics suggestion and analysis of the controllability using the characteristics to optimize the dynamic control
Find the optimal tuning point for positioners.
Calculation of the installed flow characteristics with graphical optimization - including for reducers, viscosity correction and downstream resistance structures
Precisely mapping of standard valves thanks to a comprehensive library of valve modifiers
Direct selection of the valve from a manufacturer-specific valve database
Standard values for double and triple eccentric butterfly valves
Export to an data sheet (Excel) according to IEC or ISA.

Control valves with 2-phase flow at the inlet

Calculation and optimization of control valves with noise prediction and characteristics
Calculation of liquids with vapour portion
Calculation of liquid/gas mixtures

Steam conditioning unit

Calculation for designing steam conditioning valves and the associated injection valve.
The required cooling water flow rate is first of all determined on the basis of the steam-converting valve,
then a suitable injection valve is calculated taking account of the injection nozzle.

Actuator forces (Globevalves)

This program module calculates the forces that must be produced by actuators in order to guarantee reliable functioning of the control valve. The following actuator forces are calculated:
Min. closing force (closed position), Fs,0
Min. opening force (closed position), Fo,0
Min. opening force (open position), Fo,100
Min. closing force (open position), Fs,100
Min. stability force, FΔ (flow in closing direction)

Primary Flow Elemenets and Restriction Orifice

Differential pressure flowmeter

Calculations optionally according to:
ISO 5167-1 of 02.80 (DIN 1952/07.82)
ISO 5167-1 of 1995 (DIN 1952/09.92)
ISO 5167-1 of 1995 / A1 of 1998
ISO 5167 of 2003
ISO 5167 for corner orifice plates, D and D/2 orifice plates, flange orifice plates, ISA 1932 nozzles, long-radius nozzles, Venturi tubes und Venturi nozzles.
ISO/TR 15377 for quarter circle nozzles, conical entrance orifice plates, eccentric orifice plates, and orifice plates with drain holes.
ISO 9300 for critical flow Venturi nozzles
VDI/VDE 2041 for segmental orifice plates and quarter circle nozzles
ASME MFC-3M for corner orifice plates, D and D/2 orifice plates, flange orifice plates, ISA 1932 nozzles, long-radius nozzles, Venturi tubes und Venturi nozzles.
ASME MFC-7M for Venturi nozzles with critical flow.
ASME PTC 6 for ASME PTC 6 nozzles
AGA 3 / API MPMS 14.3-2003
ASME PTC 19.5-2004
Instructions concerning conformance with standards provided by an expert support system
Calculation of measurement uncertainties
Calculation of rectangular Venturi nozzles
Calculation of special differential pressure flow elements Rosemount 405 C, Rosemount 405 P, and Rosemount 1595
Calculations also for humid gases and non-standard differential pressure transmitters
Calculations of nozzles in accordance with ASM PTC 6-1996
Calculations of pitot tubes with selection from an extensible equipment database

Restriction orifice plates

Calculation of the internal diameter, differential pressure, volumetric flow and mass flow rate
Calculation of the energy balance (power loss) and the sound pressure level
Orifice plates with drain holes can be calculated.
The range of validity had been enhanced to β > 0,75.
Enhanced noise prediction for restriction orifice plates by the adapted calculation according to IEC 60534-8-3 respectively IEC 60534-8-4.

Measurement Instrumentation


Sizing and selection according to the following standards:
ASME PTC 19.3 2010
ASME PTC 19.3 1974

Level transmitter calibration

Calculation of the differential pressure and the output signal at the transmitter for any level.
Option to simulate the startup of a boiler.

Piping System Calculations

Pressure loss calculation

Individual calculations for pipes, partial resistances, geodetic height and energy balance
Graphical support

Pressure surge

Calculation for single-run piping systems which end with a control valve, as a function of the closing time and the valve characteristic Valve database and graphical support


Calculation of basic values, such as the surface area, volume, flow velocity and Joukowsky peak

Pipe wall thicknesses

Calculations optionally according to:
EN 13480:2002
DIN 2413:1993
DIN 2413:1972
Pipe bends with or without a constant wall thickness can be calculated for pulsating and static loads in addition to straight pipes
Pipe materials in accordance with EN 13480:2002 can be selected from a user extensible Material Database and you can also calculate all relevant parameters, such as tensile strength, creep rupture strength and yield strength.

Pipe compensation

Calculations for L and U-bends, changes in length, pipe support loads and stress limits

Span calculation

Calculation of the individual weights (pipe, medium, insulation)
Span calculation taking account of sag
Pipe materials in accordance with EN 13480:2002 can be selected from a user extensible Material Database

Heat Exchangers

Industrial heat transfer media

Extensible database containing the properties of approximately 180 industrial heat transfer media included in the package

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Design with calculation of the heat transfer coefficient and the heat balance
Recalculation by entering the geometry data and calculating the heat transfer coefficient


Calculation of the heat balance, actual heat exchanged, pressure loss, thermal characteristic and flow velocities at the nozzle

Chemical engineering

Safety valves

Calculations optionally according to:
AD Specification A2
ISO 4126-1:2004
API 520:2008
ASME:2004 Section VIII
The calculation of the built-up back pressure of the discharge pipe with up to four pipe extensions and the pressure loss of the feeding pipe according to ISO 4126-9:2008
Database containing the most common safety valve manufacturers for fast, automatic selection
The calculation of two-phase systems including flashing liquids is according to the Omega Method in API 520:2008
The calculation of reaction forces and the noise level for gases according to ISO 4126:9-2008
Fire case calculation for the subsequent flow according to API 521.
The calculation of an upstream rupture disc is provided.
Aside of the option to select relief valves out of a database with manufacturer devices, there is now an option to select relief valves according to API 526.
Pressure rating for the flanges of the relief valves according to:
EN 1092-1:2007
ASME B16.5-2009
API 526

Rupture discs

Sizing and calculation of rupture discs according to the flow resistance method and the coefficient of discharge method.
Calculation of the maximum allowable working pressure in consideration of the maximum working pressure, manufacturer range, burst tolerance, backpressure and maximum pressure operating ratio. Rough estimate of the temperature dependency of the burst pressure.
Sizing and calculation is done according to the following standards:
AD 2000-Merkblatt A1
ISO 4126-1:2004
API 520:2008
ASME:2004 Section VIII
Rupture discs can be selected form a manufacturer database, filtered by size, conditions, temperature and pressure limits.

Tank depressurization

Simulation of contraction and depressurization in one or two tanks by means of a control valve
Influence of pressure regulators
Graphical functions for depressurization time, pressure losses in the pipe, noise emissions and operating pressures in the system
Different noise prediction standards can be selected.

Pump motor output

Power input of pumps and fans Recommendations for standard motors


Property calculation

Thermodynamic calculation of Natural Gas according to AGA-8. The composite of the gas can be defined by the user.
Calculation of the density, boiling pressure, viscosity, entropy, enthalpy, thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity and enthalpy of evaporation for water and steam in accordance with the steam table IAPWS-IF97
Additional option for thermodynamic calculation of more than 60 fluids.
Pressure and temperature-dependent calculation of the specific volume, density, boiling pressure, dynamic viscosity, compressibility, enthalpy of evaporation, etc. for around 1000 other fluids on the basis of an extensible property database
Graphical representation of all calculated quantities in isobars and isotherms
The calculation of mixtures according to new GERG2004 XT08 in the liquid phase, in the gaseous phase, or for two-phase systems.
For many fluids the specific isobar heat capacity is implemented, which allows to calculate the density at two-phase conditions.

Material data calculation

Calculation of the design strength values and physical properties of pipe and equipment materials in accordance with EN 13480:2002, including operating limit tests.

Curve regression

Calculation and graphical optimization of the factors of polynomials as well as spline, logarithmic, power and exponential functions on the basis of measured values


Scope of the editions I+C Edition Plant Engineering Edition Full Edition
Valves and actuators      
Control valves  
Control valves with 2-phase flow at the inlet  
Actuator forces  
Steam conditioning units  
Throttle Elements      
Differential pressure flow elements  
Restriction orifice plates  
Measurement Instrumentation      
Level transmitter calibration  
Piping Systems      
Pressure loss
Pressure surge
Pipe wall thicknesses  
Pipe compensation  
Span calculation  
Heat Exchangers      
Shell-and-tube heat exchangers  
Chemical Engineering      
Safety valves  
Rupture discs  
Tank depressurization
Pump motor output
Property calculation
Material data calculation
Curve regression
Control valves
Safety valves
Pitot tubes
Flow resistances
Standard motors
Rupture discs
Thermodynamic module RUB


Control valve vendors

Arca B-Controls B-Tec Baumann Bürkert
Cera System Co-ax Müller CONFLOW Eckardt EPC
FCV Fisher Flowserve Foxboro Garlock
Gestra Gulde Habonim Herose Kaemmer
Leusch Linde Mapag Masoneilan Metso / Neles NAF
Nopa P&W Pfeiffer POLNA Samson
Schmidt Tyco Valtek    

Safety valve vendors

Ari Bopp & Reuther Herose Leser

Rupture Discs


Pitot Tubes

Endress+Hauser Intra-Automation Presco Rosemount Systec Controls Torbar

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