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Pressure Measurements and Instruments


Manufactured byfoxboro

Our pressure transmitters are installed across the process automation industry, from oil & gas, pharmaceutical, power, chemical, pulp & paper, metals & mining, water & wastewater and many others. These transmitters are offered with a wide variety of features, options, accessories, and services that add to
the performance and capabilities of this versatile family of digital and analog output pressure transmitters.


  • Intelligent digital output transmitters with FoxComTM, HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, or Modbus communication protocols.
  • Electronic transmitters with 4 to 20 mA or low power, low voltage 1 to 5 V dc analog outputs.
  • Absolute, gauge, d/p Cell, multirange, multivariable, and premium performance transmitters.
  • d/p Cell transmitters with traditional or low profile/CoplanarTM structures.
  • Transmitters with direct connect or capillary connected seals; or with integral end connections for sanitary, pulp and paper, and high gauge pressure applications.
  • SIL2 Transmitters for certain HART versions.
  • PC-based configurators and communicators for remote communication.
  • Integral LCD indicator with pushbuttons for local configuration.
  • Electrical conduit adapters.
  • One, two-, three-, and five-valve manifolds.
  • Process venting and bleeding options.
  • Special degreasing and cleaning.
  • Bracket sets for pipe mounting.
  • NACE MR 01-75 compliance.
  • Special stainless steel and NACE bolting.
  • Low temperature and high pressure options.
  • Custom configuration.
  • External zero adjustment.
  • Quality assurance certificates.
  • Compact orifices and orifice plates; also integral flow orifices for very low flow rates.
  • Custody transfer cover locks and seals.
  • Primary devices (nozzles, Venturis, etc.).
  • DP regulators, power supplies, rotameters for control of purge rate, and pressure snubbers.
  • Supplemental customer tag.
  • Accessories conforming to European Union Directives are marked with “CE” logo.
  • Custom options to user's requirements
  • Optional “getting started” instructions.
  • Standard 5-year warranty; 17 year optional with Multirange and Premium Performance transmitters.
  • See inside pages for more accessories/services.

I/A Series Pressure Transmitters

  • Differential Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
  • Gauge Pressure Transmitters
  • Absolute Pressure Transmitters
  • Multivariable Transmitter for AP, DP, T, Density, and Mass Flow Rate Measurements
  • Multivariable Transmitter for AP, DP, and T Measurements
  • Multirange GP and DP Transmitters
  • Premium Performance Multirange GP and DP Transmitters
  • Transmitters with Pressure Seals:
    • Flanged Level - Direct Mount
    • Flanged - Remote or Direct Mount
    • Threaded - Remote or Direct Mount
    • In-Line Saddle Weld - Remote or Direct Mount
    • Sanitary - Remote Mount
    • Sanitary Level - Direct Mount
  • Transmitters with Integral Connectors
    • For sanitary processes
    • For pulp and paper processes
    • For high gauge pressure applications
  • Transmitters with 1-, 2-, 3-, and 5-Valve Manifolds:
    • For general purpose applications
    • For natural gas applications
    • For power industry applications
  • Transmitters for SIL2 Applications:
    • HART Versions only (-T version)
    • IAP10, IGP10, IAP20, IGP 20, and IDP10
  • Transmitters only.

Product Range:-

Differential pressure transmitters:-IDP10; IDP15; IDP25; IDP31; IDP50
Absolute Pressure; Gauge Pressure transmitters, Temperature sensors and mass flow computers.
MultiVariable Transmitters :- IMV25, IMV30

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