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TYPE 82/83 R11/R15/R12

Pneumatic Temperature Controllers

82 83 r11 r155 r12

Type 82R11 83R11 (81R11 ON-OFF) -Temperature controller bulb for liquids

Type 82R15 83R15 (81R15 ON-OFF) -Temp. controller bulb for liquids with thermowell

Type 82R12 83R12 (81R12 ON-OFF) -Temperature controller bulb for air


The 80 series indicator is suitable for temperature control. The instrument measure the value directly, displays the operating value and compares the measured variable with the set point. The comparison between the two values makes a modulating standard signal of 3-15 psi (0.2-1 bar) or 6-18 psi (0,4-1,2 bar), sent to the final control device. (pneumatic control valve for example) Three types of control shapes available: ON-OFF,P and P+I

Download Datasheet   Type_82-83-R11-R15-R12-Datasheet.pdf

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