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40P Series Recorders

Temperature recorders indicators and recording or indicating controllers Model 40P

40p series temperature recorders indicators and recording or indicating controllers

Manufactured byfoxboro

The Foxboro Model 40P Series Temperature Recorders, Indicators, and Recording or Indicating Controllers are used wherever precise chart records, indication, or control of temperature measurement is required for efficient process management. They use filled thermal systems as the temperature measuring element.
All of these instruments either record on a circular chart or indicate on a sector scale or a concentric scale. The recorders and sector scale indicators are available with up to four pens and two pointers, respectively. One pointer only is available for concentric scale indicators. Single, dual, and duplex action controllers are available. Single action controllers may have one or two additional recording pens; duplex controllers may have one additional pen. The controllers control one or two measurements and either record or indicate the variable. They are available for either direct connection to the measurement point or for receiving pneumatic signals from a remote temperature transmitter. The control elements transmit a standard pneumatic signal to a final operator that may be as far as 100 metres (300 feet) distant.


A glass-fiber reinforced case and gasketed door with a shatterproof glass window meet IEC IP53 and provide the environmental protection of NEMA Type 3.


Filled thermal systems are available for operation between -195 and +760° +1400°F) with spans as small as 25°C (40°F). Each system comprises a temperature sensitive bulb connected by a capillary tube to a helical measuring element located in the instrument case. These hermetically sealed systems are filled with a liquid, a liquid and its vapor, or a gas.



Download Datasheet Foxboro Eckardt 40P Series Temperature Recorders PSS 3-1A2 B

Download Manual Foxboro Eckardt 40P Series Temperature Recorders (Not Available)

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