Manifold Needle Valves

EMCO 3 valve manifolds and 5 valve manifolds are compact devices that easily and economically isolate the pressure transmitter from the process to conveniently allow venting, calibration and maintenance.


    • Compact design allows minimum space for operation and installation
    • Rolled threads (not cut) result in increased strength, galling prevention and longer life
    • Fewer parts to reduce leakage points
    • Teflon packing adjustable for long and leak-proof service
    • Grafoil packing offered for high-temperature applications
    • Stem threads isolated from process to reduce galling and corrosion

Type 3T000

Type 3T001
With Drain
3t1 03t1



Type 5T000

Type 5T010

5t2 05t1



Type 3T100

Type 3T110

3t3  03t3  3t3dia

Type 5T100

Type 5T110

5t3 05t2  5t3dia


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