2 Way Instrument Needle Valves

The EMCO 2 way instrument needle valves are compact devices that easily and economically isolate the pressure gauge from the process to conveniently allow venting, calibration and maintenance.

Type 2L000   2l000 1 flow2 1
Type 2L001 2l001 3 2l001 1 flow2 1
Type 2L002 2l002 3 2l002 1  
Type 2L010 2l020 3 2l020 1  
Type 2L011 2l021 2l021 1  
Type 2L012 2l022 3 2l022 1  
Type 2L020 2l010 3 2l010 1  
Type 2L021 2l011 3 2l011 1  
Type 2L022 2l012 3 2l012 1  
Type 2L100 2l100 3    
Type 2L110 2l110 3 New Cell  
Type 2L112 2l112 3    
Type 2L113 2l113 3    
Type 2L200 2l200 3    


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