SGE985 Limit Switch

SGE985 Limit Switch


The SGE985 Limit Switch serves as end position signaling of actuators and can be mounted to stroke actuators as well as to rotary actuators. It is constructed with inductive sensors or micro switches and signalizes exceeding or declining of two adjustable positions.


  • Inductive limit switch according to DIN 19 234 rsp. NAMUR or three-wire system
  • Variable switching functions
  • Precise switching points through adjustable transmission
  • The switches can be set precisely, even with very small strokes – independently one of the other
  • Designed for stroke valves
  • Specially suitable for small strokes by using a movement amplification mechanism
  • Robust design; low vibration effect in all directions
  • Mounting according to DIN IEC 534 part 6 (NAMUR)
  • Rotation adapter for angles up to 120 °
  • Explosion protection: II 2 G Ex ib/ia IIB/IIC T4/T6 according to ATEX, class I, zone 0 or 1, groups IIC, IIB, IIA class I, division 1, groups A, B, C, D, acc. to CSA; Explosion protection according to CU TR
  • EMC in accordance with international standards and laws (CE)



 Stroke  up to 100 mm with standard attachment kit for diaphragm actuators; for larger stroke please consult us 
 Rotary angle  up to 120 °with attachment kit for rotary actuators 

Output Inductive Limit Switch, two-wire system Code S, T

 Output  2 inductive proximity sensors acc. to DIN 19 234 resp. NAMUR for connection to a switching amplifier with intrinsically safe control circuit 1) 2) 3) Code S . . Sensors SJ3.5-N from Pepperl+Fuchs Code T . . Sensors SJ3.5-SN from Pepperl+Fuchs Code T + ECEP EP0094 . . Sensors SJ3.5-S1N from Pepperl+Fuchs 

Current consumption

 Vane clear  > 3 mA 
 Vane interposed  < 1 mA 

For control circuit with the following electrical values

 Supply voltage  DC 8 V, Ri approx. 1 kΩ 
 Residual ripple  < 5 % 
 internal inductance   160 µH  
 internal capacitance  20 nF 
 Perm. line resistance  < 100 Ω 
 Switching differential < 1 % 

Output Inductive limit switch, three-wire system Code U

 Output  2 inductive proximity sensors, three-wire system, contact, PNP 2) 4), LED indication Code T . . Sensors SB3.5-E2 from Pepperl+Fuchs 
 Supply voltage U DC 10 to 30 V 
 Residual ripples ± 10 %, US = 30 V 
 Switching frequency  2 kHz 
 Constant current 100 mA
 Switching differential  < 1 %

Output Limit switch assy. with micro switches Code V

 Output  2 micro switches 
 Code V  Switch V4NT7UL from Saia Burgess  

Connected load, alternating current

 Switching capacity  max. 250 VA 
 Switching voltage max. 50 V 
 Switching current with  
 Ohmic resistance max. 5 A
 inductive resistance max. 2 A
 Bulb, metal filament max. 0.5 A

Connected load, direct current

 Switching voltage  Ohmic load  Inductive load 
 max. 30 V
 max. 50 V
 max. 5 A
 max. 1 A 
 max. 3 A
 max. 1 A 


 Switching differential  < 2.5 % 

Response characteristic

 Gain  continuously adjustable from 1:1 to approx. 7:1 
 Switching point repeatrability  < 0.2 % 

Ambient conditions


 Code S  –25 to 85 °C / –13 to 185 °F 
 Code T –40 to 85 °C / –40 to 185 °F 
 Code T with EAC Cert  –60 to 85 °C / –76 to 185 °F 
 Code U  –25 to 70 °C / –13 to 158 °F 
 Code V –40 to 85 °C / –40 to 185 °F 
 Relative humidity up to 100 % 


 Transport and storage Temperature  –40 to 85 °C / –40 to 185 °F  
 with EAC Cert –60 to 85 °C / –76 to 185 °F
 Protection class IP 65 

The device can be operated at a class D1 location according to DIN IEC 654, part 1

MountingFor attaching to diaphragm actuators acc. to DIN IEC 534-6 (NAMUR) and to rotary actuators acc. to VDI/VDE 3845

 Mounting orientation  any 

Electric connection

 Line entry  1 cable gland M20x1.5 (others with Adapter AD-...) 
 Cable diameter  6 to 12 mm (0.24 to 0.47 in) 
 Screw terminals  Screw terminals for wires up to 2.5 mm2 (AWG 14) 


 Housing and cover  Aluminium (Alloy No. 230) finished with DD varnish  
 Control vanes Aluminium 
 Setting mechanism  Fiber glass reinforced polyamide  
 Transmission shaft 1.4571 
 Mounting bracket 1.4301 


 SGE985  approx. 0.6 kg (1.3 lbs) 


ATEX Explosion protection

 Inductive proximity sensor  Type SJ 3,5-N resp. Type SJ 3,5-SN (security version) 
 Type of protection II 2 G Ex ib/ia IIB/IIC T4/T6 
 Certificate of conformity PTB 02 ATEX 2153 (Option Limit switch) 

For operation in certified intrinsically safe circuits with the following maximum values:

 Umax  16 V 
 Imax  25 mA 
 Pmax  64 mW 
 Internal inductance  100 µH 
 Internal capacitance  30 nF 

The certificate of conformity refers to the inductive sensor installed. Mounting conforms to the stipulations of the certificate and the mounting conditions.

CSA Explosion protection

Class I, zone 0 or 1, groups IIC, IIB, IIA
Class I, division 1, groups A, B, C, D, acc. to CSA

CE Marking

Electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108/EC

 Low voltage regulations  w/o Ex: 73/23/EWG fulfilled (with Ex: not applicable) 

Electromagnetic compatibility EMC

 Operating conditions  Industrial environment 

Immunity according to

 NAMUR recommendation NE21  fulfilled 
 EN 61 326 fulfilled 
 EN 61 000-6-2 fulfilled 

Emission according to

 EN 55 011, Group 1, Class A  fulfilled 
 EN 61 000-6-2 fulfilled 

Safety requirements

 Safety  Safety class III 
 as per DIN EN 61010-1 (DIN IEC 61010-1) (VDE 0411 part 1) Overvoltage category  1 
 Infernal fuses None 
 External fuses Limitation of power supplies for fire protection has to be observed due to EN 61010-1 9.3. ff. 


The switching functions may be freely selected and set. The control vanes may be adjusted as desired in order to reach the wanted switching behavior. The illustration here shows the four basic settings and adjacent the respective switch behavior (gray = immersed vane).

The examples are based on the following setting: Mounting left = feedback level right; transmission is selected so that at stroke x from 0 to 100 % the guidance shaft travels through a rotary angle of 180°. Illustrated in resting position x = 0%

2-wire technique: If control vane is immersed the initiator power circuit becomes high-ohmic

3-wire technique: If control vane is immersed the contact is closed against plus.

Micro switch: Contact opens during passing of the control vanes.

SGE985 Switching Functions






SGE985 Dimensions

Attachment kit for diaphragm actuators

SGE985 Attachmentkitfordiaphragmactuators

Attachment kit for rotary actuators

SGE985 Attachmentkitforrotaryactuators

Typical Application

SGE985 Typical Appliction

Download Datasheet PSS_EVE0201_A-en_SGE985_LimitSwitch.pdf

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