Prognosis - Enhanced Safety Aspects


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Prognosis is the world’s first and only diagnostics system for Differential Pressure Meters. The patented technology, proven to be extremely powerful both in theory and in practice, has been adopted by Operators world-wide. Prognosis provides real-time monitoring of meter performance and assurance of meter accuracy as well as instant alerts of meter performance shift and mis-measurement.

User Interface Alarm

  • By reading three Differential Pressures across the meter body, the self-diagnostic capabilities of any standard DP meter are realized
  • The Prognosis system uses the three DP measurements as well as other process conditions and meter geometry to monitor the meter’s performance in real time
  • The diagnostic results are represented as 4 points and a box. If the points remain inside the box, this ensures good flow measurement. If any of the points are outside of the box, there is reason to suspect a problem with the meter performance and an error in the reported flow rate prediction
  • The Prognosis system will automatically indicate the NATURE of an issue based on the diagnostic response; in particular a secondary DP instrumentation issue is distinguished from a primary meter body based physical problem

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By utilising Prognosis, Operators may adopt a condition based maintenance strategy; only inspecting a meter or verifying DP measurement when Prognosis indicates a problem.
As such Operators are already realizing the following safety benefits:

  • Less risk of breaking of hydrocarbon containment
  • Avoidance of maintenance induced errors or accidents
  • Reduced trips to remote and hazardous locations
  • Avoid the risk of miss-interpreting data
  • Improved confidence on the measurement and performance of the meter


Prognosis is an extremely powerful condition based monitoring (CBM) tool that can be applied to any standard DP meter including Orifice, Venturi, Cone, Flow Nozzles, Wedge meters measuring single phase liquid, single phase gas or wet gas flows.

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