CONVAL®- the PC software for engineers, planners and operators of industrial plants.

CONVAL® integrates extensive calculation functionalities for components and processes in industrial systems, based on tried-and-tested methods, such as DIN, VDI, VDMA EN/ISO and ISA. By strictly avoiding all forms of dependence on equipment manufacturers, CONVAL® guarantees flexible, professional working.

The range of available calculations extends from control valves, differential pressure primary devices, through to piping systems and heat exchangers, including integrated property calculations (based on a property database) and comprehensive databases for control valves, safety valves, materials, etc. as standard.

Calculations Include

Control ValvesSingle Phase Control Valve Sizing
Two Phase Control Valve Sizing
Steam Conditioning Valves
Actuator Force CalculationCalculation of the required actuator forces for globe valves
Differential Pressure Primary Elements (ISO, API, ASME)Orifice plate sizing
(Concentric, Eccentric, Segmented, Quarter Circle, Conical)
Orifice Plate Sizing
(Flange Tap, Corner Tap, D and D/2, Pipe Tap 2.5D and 8D)
Venturi Tube Sizing
Venturi Nozzle Sizing
Pitot tube Sizing
Restriction Orifice PlatesSizing Adaption and Optimisation of Restriction Orifice Plates
Pressure LossOver Pipe Length, Resistance and Elevation
Pressure SurgeRelated to valve Closing Times / 'Hammer'
SizingCross Sectional Area, Jacket Area, Flow Velocities, Joukowsky Peak
Pipe CompensationSupport Loads and Compensation
Span CalculationDead Weight, Insulation and Sag
Pipe Wall Thickness 
Shell and Tube Heat ExchangersSizing and Recalculation of liquid-liquid Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
ThermowellWake Frequency Calculation to ASME PTC 19.3
CondensersCalculation of Liquid Cooled condensers
Material CalculationComputation of the characteristics of tubing and equipment materials
Pressure Relief ValveComputation of the characteristics of tubing and equipment materials
Rupture DiscsCalculation of Rupture Discs according to API 520 and ISO 4126
Level CalibrationDrum Level using a d/p transmitter
Tank depressurisationDepressurised to Atmosphere or a Second Tank
Pump and CompressorMotor Power Requirements for Pumps, Fans and Compressors
Substance CalculationPressure / Temperature properties
Thermodynamic ModuleCalculate and plot thermophysical properties of substances in fluid phase
Regression Graphical representation of adaption of a curve to a series of measuring pointsGraphical representation of adaption of a curve to a series of measuring points

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CONVAL® License types

Local license – this license type authorizes the use of CONVAL® on a single, local computer. This local license is allowed to be passed on within the customer's company for the purpose of execution on another computer and use by one of the customer's employees.
Network license bound to a specific location – this license type authorizes the simultaneous use of CONVAL® in a local area network (i.e. bound to a specific location) of the customer's company on exactly the number of computer systems for which licenses have been purchased.
EDU license – this license type authorizes the use of CONVAL® exclusively at state recognized universities and colleges for the purposes of research and training. Commercial use of this license in any form is prohibited.

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