Contrec Flow Rate Indicators and Totalisers, World leaders in flow instrumentation.


The pursuit of certainty has driven Contrec instruments into the most demanding installations where only the best will do.
Contrec instruments combine 30 years of engineering excellence with cutting edge technology to provide our customers with flow solutions that ensure compliance to the latest international standards in addition to maintaining precise control of your application.


Accuracy is only useful if the measurement and control it provides can be relied upon every time you need it. Contrec instruments are designed and built to survive and operate in the toughest locations, right where you need it. Contrec engineers understand the phrase ‘fit and forget’, and use it as the benchmark for all our development and instruments.


Contrec provide intelligent flow solutions for virtually every industry. We measure, calculate, display, monitor, output, control and synchronise.
We provide the tools for modern process control and audit trails. The demand for information is relentless, to know whats happening, anytime, all the time. To harvest this data from the field or factory floor and use it to control costs, reduce inefficiency, improve safety and maintain quality is critical.

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