Recorders indicators and controllers 40M

40m series recorders indicators and controllers

The Foxboro model 40M series are used wherever accurate chart records, precise indications, or control of the measured variable are required for efficient process management. The 40M Series Recorders and Indicators continuously record or indicate measurement of one or more process variables. They provide high accuracy, local reading, and fast response to the measured signal change and can accommodate up to four pens, or one or two pointers. The 40M Series Controllers receives mechanical, pneumatic, or electrical inputs from an integrally-mounted measuring or receiving element; compare it to a set point; and as a function of the control mode, produce a standard pneumatic output signal to modulate a remote final operator that may be as far as 100 m (300 ft) distant. They control one or two measurements, and either record or indicate the variable.


One standard enclosure can be readily configured to accommodate recorders, indicators, or controllers having a large and varied selection of features and options. Numerous temperature, head, relative humidity, pressure, differential pressure, and electronic servo elements are available to operate at a wide variety of standard ranges.


Controllers are available with on-off, proportional, proportional plus derivative, proportional plus integral (reset), proportional plus integral plus derivative, or narrow band proportional actions. The standard derivative or integral has the complete range from 0.01 to 50 minutes for both derivative and integral actions.

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