Multivariable Transmitters

Multivarible transmitters lead the way in multivariable technology, providing the most comprehensive offering in the industry. They provide measurements of pressure and differential pressure, sensor and electronics temperatures, and process temperature (from an external RTD).

These intelligent transmitters let you replace three separate transmitters with one, meaning fewer transmitters, less wiring, fewer shutoff valves, and fewer process penetrations – it all helps you realize significant savings on purchase, installation, maintenance and inventory.

Whether you want to bring multiple measurements directly into your system or distribute sophisticated calculations of flow rate and liquid level to the transmitter, the Foxboro product line has you covered.

Key Benefits

  • Works as a pressure, differential pressure and temperature transmitter
  • Reduced process penetrations
  • Choice of electronic modules
  • Long-term stability

Product Range

Differential pressure transmitters:-IDP10; IDP15; IDP25; IDP31; IDP50
And all our Absolute Pressure and Gauge Pressure transmitters, Temperature sensors and mass flow computers.
MultiVariable Transmitters :- IMV25, IMV30

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