Hart Loop Converter KFD2-HLC-EX1.D

kfd2 hlc ex1d

The Hart Loop Converter(HLC) KFD2-HLC-EX1.D is an intrinsic safety barrier that powers and communicates with one HART field device. This IS barrier sets the field device into burst mode, and converts up to 4 HART variables into analog output signals. The KFD2-HLC-EX1.D uses the HART protocol to communicate with the field device that it is connected to and transfers its digital values into analog 4...20 mA signals.

Up to three HART signals can be monitored at the same time, and are provided as independent analog signals. This allows access to a wealth of real-time values, and opens new opportunities to achieve more targeted process control, detect critical situations at an early stage, and add more transparency and safety to the complete production process. The HLC intrinsic safety barrier supports HART hand held devices, and is easily programmed by the use of a keypad located on the front of the unit.


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