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The BULLET® enables new and existing wired HART field devices to communicate with host applications by means of WirelessHART® technology. The BULLET is permanently installed by attaching it directly into an available spare port of a HART field device, or by means of using a short, right angle elbow conduit connector. The BULLET can be inserted anywhere on the loop using a junction box or T-fitting. A wired HART field device retrofitted with a BULLET communicates its PV over the existing wire and simultaneously communicates the PV, SV, TV and QV as well as diagnostic and alarm data over the WirelessHART network to process control, asset management and other automation and engineering applications. The BULLET power configuration options are either existing loop power (scavenging) or local/direct power. The BULLET when loop powered saves users the long term cost of battery maintenance, replacement and disposal programs. The BULLET Local/Direct power option can be used when the field device is powered either by a DC power supply or an external battery/solar system. In the case of external battery power, the BULLET provides battery power management by cycling the field device power and taking periodic readings.

Typical Use Cases

  • Upgrade legacy wired HART or analog only field devices with WirelessHART communication capability to communicate the PV and other device data and diagnostic information to the gateway and ultimately the host application.
  • Access HART device diagnostic information in HART-enabled devices in order to lower maintenance cost and improve plant operations
  • Low cost wireless access to stranded monitoring and control data from improved
  • Asset management
  • Condition monitoring
  • Device diagnostics
  • Connect up to 8 HART devices using only 1 BULLET – making WirelessHART more cost effective
  • Remote IO applications of hard to reach locations
  • Substitute for multiplexers or legacy DCS upgrade to HART-enabled I/O.
  • External Battery powered wireless remote I/O data collection
  • Low cost / low risk means to test and evaluate WirelessHART networks.
  • Monitor / control of rotating and mobile equipment


  • HART Registered fully HART compliant for communication reliability Universal connectivity – works with all registered HART devices
  • Supports WirelessHART MESH and STAR network configurations
  • Loop powered – no batteries or other power sources required
  • Connects directly to HART field device and optionally anywhere on the 4-20 mA control loop
  • MACTek patent pending StepVolt™ technology sets insertion voltage in steps from 1 to 2.5 volts to optimize the tradeoff between available loop power and Wireless communication bandwidth
  • Direct Power option when local DC power is available: system power, external battery/solar system.
  • In Direct Power mode, can switch field device on/off to take periodic readings to save power
  • Internal 250 Ohm loop current sense and HART terminating resistor provided, configurable by WirelessHART command
  • Multidrop support for up to 8 devices (maximum number depends on installation)
  • 235 meters open air range (nominal)
  • Rugged internal antenna design

Technical Specifications

Platform WirelessHART capable network
Compliance Fully compliant HART 7.1 device, complies with HART 7.1 Wireless Adapter device type.
Backward compatible to HART 5 devices
HART Sub-Devices Supports up to 8 wired HART sub-devices (max. number depends on installation)
RF Range 235 meters outdoors, open air ( nominal)
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz
RF Output Power 10dBm
Series Loop Voltage Drop 1.0VDC – 2.5VDC, user settable in 0.5VDC steps.
Series Loop Operating Current 3.2 ma to 25 mA DC operating; Protected against overvoltage, over-current, and reverse connections.
Ext Power Operating Voltage +7VDC to +32VDC, Reverse voltage protection
Ext Power Operating Current Typical less than 1mA, Max: 25 mA
HART Output Level Fully HART compliant trapezoidal wave @ 1200/2200 Hz
Multi-Drop (Direct Power) 32mA DC maximum, 8 devices at 4mA DC
Multi-Drop (Loop Power) 24mA DC maximum, 6 devices at 4mA DC
Loop Current Monitoring 3.2mA to 25mA DC , 1% accuracy -40C to +85C
Operating Temperature
General Purpose
Hazardous Location
Temperature range = -40Cº to +85ºC
Temperature Class T5: -40°C to 85°C, Temperature Class T6: -40ºC to 75°
Humidity: relative 100%
Storage Temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
Physical Dimensions  
Dimensions Height : 100 mm (3.9”) , Diameter : 60.8 mm (2.4”) , Weight : 0.46 kg (1lbs)
Enclosure Housing: Aluminum alloy, RoHS corrosion coating, polyurethane enamel paint.
Dome: proprietary resin
Connection One, Male ½” NPT with internal poured seal
Field Termination 5 lead wires x 600mm (24”) long, exiting from male ½” NPT opening
Enclosure: 1 external earth grounding screw
RADIO / EMC FCC Part 15, Industry Canada : RS 210 , R&TTE Directive 1995/5/EC


Intrinsically Safe Class I, II, III Division 1 GPS: A,B,C,D,E,F,G
Suitable for use Class I, II, III Division 2 GPS: A,B,C,D E,F,G
Explosion Proof for Class I, Division 1 GPS: A,B,C,D
DUST Ignition proof for Class II, III Division 1 GPS : E,F,G

Class I Zone 0, AEx 1 G ia IIC T5,T6 , Class I Zone 2, AEx nA nC IIC T5,T6,
Zone 20 AEx iaD 20 T95C
Class I Zone 1, AEx 2 G d IIC T5,T6 Gb , Class I Zone 21 AEx tb IIIC T95C

Class I, Zone 0, Ex 1 G ia IIC, Class I, Zone 2, Ex nA nC IIC , CLII Division 1 GPS:E,F,G
Class I Zone 1, Ex 2 G d IIC T5,T6 Gb, Class I Zone 21 Ex tb IIIC T95C

II 1 G Ex ia IIC T5,T6 , II 3G Ex nA nC IIC T5,T6 , II 1 D Ex iaD 20 IP68 T95C
II 2 G Ex d IIC T5 T6 Gb , II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T95C
II 1 G Ex ia IIC T5,T6 , II 3G Ex nA nC IIC T5,T6 , II 1 D Ex iaD 20 IP68 T95C
II 2 G Ex d IIC T5 T6 Gb , II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T95C
Enclosure Ratings IP68 , NEMA 6P
RoHS (2002/95/EC) Restricted materials not used

BULLET® WirelessHART® Adapter Models Available

110100-2000 BULLET® WirelessHART®
Adapter– GP w/ 2 Multidrop
110100-8000 BULLET® WirelessHART®
Adapter – GP w/ 8 Multidrop
110101-2000 BULLET® WirelessHART®
Adapter – ATEX IS w/ 2 Multidrop
110101-8000 BULLET® WirelessHART®
Adapter – ATEX IS w/ 8 Multidrop
110102-2000 BULLET® WirelessHART®
Adapter – XP/FP w/ 2 Multidrop
110102-8000 BULLET® WirelessHART®
Adapter – XP/FP w/ 8 Multidrop
110103-2000 BULLET® WirelessHART®
Adapter – ATEX IS/XP w/ 2 Multidrop
110103-8000 BULLET® WirelessHART®
Adapter – ATEX IS/XP w/ 8 Multidrop

BULLET® WirelessHART® Adapter - FAQ

  • A1. What is BULLET® WirelessHART® Adapter?
  • The BULLET® enables existing wired HART field devices from any supplier to communicate with host applications by means of WirelessHART™ technology. The BULLET® is installed permanently by wiring it directly to a standard HART field device, or connecting it anywhere on the 4-20mA current loop with a junction box. A wired HART field device retrofitted with the BULLET® communicates its analog process variable over the existing wiring to the existing DCS with no wiring changes. The BULLET® simultaneously communicates the digital PV and device diagnostic information over the WirelessHART network.
    The BULLET® can also be installed on a non-smart (analog only) device and will transmit a digital representation of the analog 4-20mA PV to the control room over the WirelessHART™ network which can save labor cost by eliminating manual recording of data.
  • A2. What is a WirelessHART® Adapter?
  • Defined by the HART 7 Specification
    Attaches to an existing HART device or anywhere on the 4-20mA loop
    Loop, battery or 24VDC powered
    Compatible with HART v. 5, 6 and 7
    Provides hosts wireless access to stranded HART data
    Moves maintenance strategy from scheduled to predictiv
  • A3. What are the uses cases for the BULLET®?
  • Add to existing wired HART-enabled devices to access valuable HART data and device diagnostics
    Use when new measurements are needed but cost of wiring or time is prohibitive
    Upgrade control valves with smart positioners to provide valve health and diagnostic data
    Additional measurements by adding the BULLET® to "analog only" devices not connected to the control or asset monitoring systems
    Control Valve Application - Upgrade control valves with smart positioners and the BULLET® to quickly and easily provide valve health and diagnostic data. With control valves being one of the major maintenance expenses in most process applications, wiring cost to access control valve information can now be greatly reduced. The information can be used as part of a predictive maintenance strategy to schedule work on only the valves that need it during a shut-down. This predictive strategy will reduce unscheduled plant shut downs and can reduce maintenance and shut down times.
  • A4. Key Features:
  • Cost saving Multidrop support for up to 8 devices
    Loop powered option – no battery or other power source required
    Connects directly to HART field device or anywhere on the 4-20 mA loop
    Patent pending StepVolt™ technology sets insertion voltage in steps from 1 to 2.5 volts to optimize trade off between available loop power and wireless communication bandwidth
    Patent pending Direct Power option when local DC power or battery/solar system is available:
    Internal 250 ohm loop current sense resistor provided, configurable by WirelessHART® command
    In Direct Power mode, BULLET® can switch field device on/off to take periodic readings to save power
    200+ meters open air range
    Certifications for all models
    HART 7.1 Registered with the HART Communication Foundation - fully compliant for communication reliability when the WirelessHART® test suite is available
    FCC Part 15, IC, CE
  • A5. What is the multi-drop feature?
  • One of the many unique features of the BULLET® is its ability to multi-drop up to 8 measurement devices using a single BULLET®. The digital multi-drop feature drives the cost of adding devices to an existing WirelessHART® network down to well below that of other digital busses that require a linking device, special wire, power conditioners and segment terminators, as well as training for personnel. This cost-effective feature is useful for many SCADA applications including the monitoring of tank farms and pipelines.
  • A6. How do you power the BULLET®?
  • The BULLET® is typically loop-powered, requiring no batteries or other power sources. Featuring MACTek's patent-pending StepVolt technology that sets insertion voltage in steps from 1 volt to 2.5 volts the BULLET® will optimize the trade-off between available loop power and wireless communication bandwidth.
    Optionally the BULLET® may be connected to external power such as line power, battery or solar to add new measurement points in locations where powering new loops from the DCS would be too costly or difficult. For example, installing measurement points on rotating and mobile machinery is a particular challenge for which the BULLET® can be an easy and cost effective solution.
    The BULLET® offers a unique power cycling feature that cycles power to attached devices reducing power consumption, an advantageous feature for battery or solar powered applications. When powered externally the BULLET® provides the load resistor required by the HART protocol, saving users the time and cost of installing and wiring an external resistor in the field wiring.
    The BULLET® maintains the high standards of reliability, quality, and ease of use demonstrated by our VIATOR Bluetooth, USB and RS232 HART PC modems. Our entire product family is fully compliant with the HART communication specifications and both our wireless and wired solutions have proven to be easy to use and compatible with HART-enabled devices from any vendor.
  • A7. BULLET®'s Differentiators
  • Universal communication device – works with all analog and HART registered devices independent of power supply or supplier
    Complete product line – from General Purpose to IS and Explosion Proof
    Unique product features that save time and money – Multidrop of up to 8 devices, fast update rates, built-in internal load resistor for battery and stand alone applications, loop powered, power switching and patent pending StepVolt™.
    Built on 15+ years of HART experience- as the leader in HART modems, we understand HART technology and what features HART users need in a communication device.
    Why did MACTek make the investment in WirelessHART® technology? Because we believe users will quickly see the huge benefits in accessing additional measurement data as they work to keep their plants competitive. With our HART protocol experience, it was a natural for us to participate in the development of the new wireless technology, and to create new WirelessHART® products. MACTek has been a consistent contributor to the WirelessHART® activity from its inception, through the development of the specification and the NAMUR Field Trial, and as an early implementer of WirelessHART® products.
  • A8. Ordering Information, Product Numbers & Pricing
  • The BULLET® Family of WirelessHART® adapters is available for General Purpose, Intrinsically Safe, and Explosion /Flame proof applications. All models of the BULLET, utilize the same Device Description (DD) and Device Type Manager (DTM) to simplify configuration and training. BULLET model numbers 11010X-2000 will communicate to two HART devices in Multidrop Mode, and model 11010X-8000 supports up to eight devices in Multidrop Mode. All BULLET Models will support one analog device with the 4-20 mA signal transmitted in scaled engineering units.


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