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PIONIR® MVP+ Rackmount



The AIT by Schneider Electric PIONIR® Series of analyzers are designed for operation in on-line and process development environments utilizing patented and licensed BP technology. These on-line analyzers provide real-time, multi-point analysis of refinery and petrochemical processes. Features on the analyzer include:

  • Diode array detector and fixed holographic grating, with no moving parts, results in maximum stability
  • Industrially hardened fiber optic cables
  • Dual-beam probe design with continual background correction eliminates fiber variation
  • Large database of calibration models for faster commissioning
  • Communications options including Modbus,® OPC,® Ethernet and analog protocols
  • Full chemometric modeling capability including PLS and PCR

General Purpose

The PIONIR® MVP+ Rackmount is an on-line analyzer designed for the control room. Utilizing fiber optics, probes can be located in general purpose or hazardous areas. The PIONIR® MVP+ Rackmount is an economical way to implement NIR technology.

Download Datasheet PIONIR_MVPRackmount_Datasheet.pdf

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