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FXI® Series 5 System

FXI Series 5


The next generation process gas chromatograph, the AIT by Schneider Electric FXI® Series5 system was developed from a heritage of highly reliable and field proven systems. The FXI® Series5 system continuously analyzes and reports component concentrations and physical properties of process gas streams in a variety of applications in the natural gas, refining, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

LAMS™ Windows® based FXI® software operated by a touchscreen colorgraphical user interface Seamless connectivity with DCS and LAN systems through Modbus,® OPC,® Ethernet and analog protocols Large, easy to read display of real-time chromatograms with zoom and overlay features eliminates the need for strip chart recorders Versatile detector and column options can beintegrated with the FXI® system to provide application flexibility. Detector options include Thermal Conductivity (TCD), FlameIonization (FID), Flame Photometric (FPD) and Helium Ionization (HID). Column options include capillary, micro-packed, and packed columns Highly stable, field proven and easily maintained analyzer oven provides outstanding chromatographic performance with a high level of uptime New Carrier Gas Flow Control Regulator System or Electronic Pressure Regulator System are available as options

Download Datasheet FXI_Series_5_Datasheet.pdf

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