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Analect PCM 1000


The AIT by Schneider Electric ANALECT® PCM 1000 series FTIR/FT-NIR process analyzers measure physical, chemical and compositional properties of liquids, solids and gases for a wide variety of process and manufacturing industries.

On-line, in-situ, and at-line monitoring of batch and continuous processes Displays up to 15 properties at once and measures up to 30 properties per stream Optical multiplexing capabilities provide analysis of up to 16 process streams using fiber optic or extractive stream switching Utilizes process-proven ANALECT® Diamond 20™ Transept™ optical head SpectraRTS™ software engineered exclusively for on-line monitoring, allowing use by engineers, maintenance personnel, and chemists All ANALECT® lab and on-line systems share core optical technology, allowing instrument-to-instrument calibration transfers


Spectrometer - Interferometer:

  • Transept IV™ hermetically sealed module with refractively scanned design
  • Optical range: 7000–450 cm-1 Mid-IR; 12000–1200 cm-1 NIR • Detector options: DTGS Pyroelectric; InAs; InGaAs; MCT Analysis Time
  • 30–60 sec. for multiple property predictions Ambient Environment Conditions
  • 0–38°C standard ambient temperature -20–50°C with optional heating and A/C system Area Classification • ATEX/CENELEC Zone 1 & 2
  • NFPA Class I, Division 1 & 2 Process Control Interface
  • Modbus, OPC and analog protocols
  • Fiber optic Ethernet and serial communications options Utility Requirements–Analyzer and Cell Enclosure
  • Main power 115/230 VAC 50/60Hz single phase 1500 watts Instrument Dimensions: Optical Head and Sample Box
  • 220cm H x 97cm W x 46cm D (87 H x 38 W x 18 D)
  • Weight: 270kg (600lb)

Download Datasheet Analect_PCM_1000_FTIR.FT-NIR_Datasheet.pdf

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