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ANALECT® Hydrocarbon SmartSystem®

Analect Hydrocarbon SmartSystem


The AIT by Schneider Electric ANALECT® Hydrocarbon SmartSystem® provides real-time, accurate and stable monitoring of physical and chemical compositions for refinery process streams. Due to the use of the extended Mid-IR range and it’s large information content, the system is capable of on-line monitoring of crude oil at the start of the refining process to the fuels blender.

Key Features

  • Extended Near-IR spectral range allows light and heavy hydro- carbons analysis
  • Analyzes up to 24 process streams
  • Optional Dual and Triple Cell configuration for multi-stream analysis
  • Optional heated sample system to analyze heavy hydrocarbons
  • Seamless calibration transfer between the Diamond 20™ lab system and the Hydrocarbon SmartSystem analyzer
  • Rapid data collection, calibration, validation and modeling with the ANALECT RefinIR™ lab system
  • Integrated system includes sample temperature conditioning, water removal, filtration, and automatic features including sample outlier collection, cell wash, and sample validation
  • Rugged vibration-resistant optical bench provides superior stability
  • Embedded PC option with SpectraRTS™ and SpectraQuant™software provides a comprehensive analysis including outlier identification and capture, alarming functions, and detailed system diagnostics
  • Global calibration database provides starter models for quick implementation
  • Demonstrated uptime greater than 99%
  • Remote access via modem or LAN



  • Interferometer:Transept IV™ hermetically sealed interferometer with refractively scanned design
  • Operating Range: • 7000 - 450 cm-1
  • Detector: • DTGS Pyroelectric
  • Analysis Time: • 30 - 60 sec. for multiple property predictions. Ambient Environment Conditions - 0 - 38°C standard ambient temperature

Sample System Design Specifications

  • Sample - Light or heavy hydrocarbons (i.e. gasoline, diesel, crude)
  • Number of streams: Up to 3 sample cells, 24 streams
  • Filtration: Sample must be pre-filtered to< 5 microns
  • Pressure: 2.1 - 21 kg/cm2 (30 - 300 PSIG)
  • Pressure drop required: 21 kg/cm2 (30 PSIG)
  • Sample temperature: 0 - 100°C (32 - 212˚F)
  • Flow requirements: Total: 700 ml/min (11 GPH)
  • Sample capture loop: 500 ml/min (8 GPH)
  • Cell loop: 200 ml/min (3 GPH)

Download Datasheet Analect_Hydrocarbon_SmartSystem_Datasheet.pdf

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