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ANALECT® EVM™ Environmental Vapor Monitor system

Analect EVM


The AIT Schneider Electric ANALECT® EVM™ Environmental Vapor Monitor system provides round-the-clock multi-point continuous air monitoring for a variety of applications.

  • Proven reliable FTIR technology yields real-time analysis of both organic and inorganic compounds
  • Measures ambient toxic and pollutant gases with ppb to % level detection
  • A variety of user configurable alarms for instant warnings of toxic gas levels and system control
  • Capable of monitoring 28 components with up to 32 sampling points over a distance of 300 meters from the analyzer
  • Rapid response time – typically 20-200 seconds per stream
  • Configurable sample point selection control locally or by DCS
  • SpectraRTS™ operating software engineered exclusively for environmental monitoring – appropriate for development chemists, engineers and maintenance personnel
  • Upgrade the discontinued Miran™ 981 & 983 air monitor systems with the ANALECT® EVM™


Spectrometer: • Interferometer:

  • Transept IV hermetically-sealed interferometer with refractively scanned design
  • Spectral range: Extended mid-IR 7,400 to 450 cm-1
  • Resolution: 1.5 cm-1 (unapodized)
  • Detector: DTGS pyroelectric (standard) and full line of external Optibus detectors, including DTGS, thermoelectrically controlled DTGS, MCT, liquid nitrogen cooled MCT (12 and 24 hr. dewars)

Sample Cell

  • 10 meter pathlength standard. Other pathlengths optional
  • Heated cell prevents condensation and stabilizes measurements.

Ambient Environment Conditions

  • Temperature range: 0-95°F
  • Relative humidity range (RH): 95% non-condensing

Area Classification

  • Standard: General purpose
  • Optional: Hazardous areas

Utility Requirements

  • Rated voltage: 115/230 Vac ±10%
  • Rated load: 2 kVA
  • Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Nitrogen (N2): Optical purge 3-5 psi, 0.25-1 SCFM
  • Instrument air or N2: Enclosure vortex cooler 60-100 psi, 5-25 SCFM


  • Standard: RS 232/422 Modbus RTU or ASCII
  • Optional: Discrete analog/digital
  • Optional: Ethernet OPC
  • Optional: Data concentration PC Physical Dimensions
  • Analyzer cabinet size: 75”H x 56”W x 24”D 190cm x 142cm x 61cm
  • Weight: 800 lb/360 kg

Download Datasheet Analect_EVM_Datasheet.pdf

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