Turbine Natural Gas Flow Meters & Quantometers


Turbine meters as well as Quantometers are flow meters which display the volume flowing through the device in actual cubic meters. The incoming gas is accelerated through the inlet body and strikes the blades of the turbine wheel. The revolutions of the turbine wheel are transferred to an 8-digit roller counter via a multistage gear and a magnetic coupling.
Turbine meters TRZ2, SM-RI-X and SM-RI-2 are approved for official metering and billing purposes (custody transfer) of natural gas in gas transmission and distribution as well as with a variety of technical gases in industrial applications. Quantometers are short pattern turbine meters, They are preferably used in non-custody transfer applications (i.e. in-plant measurement).
All turbine gas meters fulfil international directives and norms for pressure equipment (PED) and explosion protection (ATEX) as well as metrological requirements and directives.

37 EI TRZ2 Alu GLR k


Turbine gas meter DN50 –150, worldwide recognized as standard in high pressure flow metering

The TRZ2 is serially equipped with permanent lubrication bearings as well with the mechanical S1 Index. From ANSI class 300 upwards all meters are equipped with manual oil pump as standard.



42 EI SM RI X k


Turbine gas meter DN50 – 600 with extended configuration, also available as special version for High-Temperature application and the measurement of ethylene gas.



1074 EI SM RI 2 k


Turbine gas meter DN200 - 600 with extended flow capacity and minimized pressure drop

The new generation SM-RI-2 is the first turbine gas meter on the market allowing bi-directional measurement.
While the flow capacity has been increased to match the existing ultrasonic gas meters, the pressure drop can be half of conventional turbine gas meters.


31 EI Qantometer k


Short pattern turbine gas meter for industrial measurement

The flanged housing of the Q Quantometers is made of spheroidal graphite iron, cast steel or welded steel, depending on the pressure rate. The Q Quantometers are available in a variety of diameters and pressure ratings.

  • Rangeability : 1 : 20
  • Flow ranges : 6 - 1,600 m³/h (210 - 56,500 ft³/h)
  • Diameters : DN 50 - 150
  • Pressure rates : PN 10 - 100, ANSI 150 - 600

63 EI Q 75 k


Short pattern turbine gas meter for pipes up to DN 750 / 30"

The high performance is subscribed by the fact that the Q75 series is approved for fiscal metering in a number of countries. The series offers a large variety, from cast body to spool piece, sizes up to DN 750 / 30", and a multitude of options, from lubrication systems to high frequency output.


33 EI QA 100 k

QA / QAe

Short pattern turbine meter with aluminium housing for industrial applications

The wafer type housing of QA and QAe (with electronic totalizer) is made of aluminium. Depending on the version, the volume is displayed on a mechanical (QA) or an electronic totalizer (QAe). QA and QAe Quantometers combine the high accuracy of the Q series of Quantometers with low weight.

The Quantometers are available in a number of flow ranges, diameters and pressure ratings. Depending on the version, a low or medium-frequency pulser and an optical readout or an optical readout with additional M-bus output is avaliable. All of the Quantometers are DVGW approved.

For special industrial applications, stainless steel versions are also available.

  • Rangeability: up to 1:20
  • Flow ranges: 1.6 -1,600 m³/h (56 - 56,000 ft³/h)
  • Diameters: DN 25 - 150
  • Pressure rates: PN 4, PN 16, ANSI 150
  • Gas temperature QA: -10°C to +60°C (14° to 140°F)
  • Ambient temperature QA: -20°C to +70°C (-4° to 158°F)
  • Ambient- / gas temperature QAe: 0°C to +50°C (32° to 122°F)
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