EMCO Sight Flow Indicators EFG

sight flow indicator

EMCO sight flow indicators are used for locally checking the liquid flow passing in pipe lines.


  • The EMCO sight flow indicator has a double glass construction – a 'see through' design.
  • The sight glass is toughened or borosilicate glass depending on operating temperature.
  • The flow indicator is made from bar stock material and is therefore available in all machinable materials.
  • The EMCO sight flow indicators are fully in compliance PED 97/23 EC
  • Sizes : DN 15 - 100, 1⁄2" - 4".
  • Pressure rating : PN 10 - 40, 150 - 300 lbs
  • Temperature : Toughened glass max 150 °C., Borosilicate glass max 300 °C.
  • Connection : Flanged according to DIN or ANSI standards, Threaded, up to 2", Butt weld or socket weld ends to DIN or ANSI standard
  • Flange standards : Flanges with flat or raised face according to DIN 2526, 2513 or 2512, RF according to B 16.5
  • Materials : Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex Super Duplex, 6Mo Hastelloy C276 or 22, Titanium

sfi cut

sfi paddle


  • Lining : The body can internally be lined with Halar or PTFE
  • Paddle wheel : For flow indication
  • Flap : For flow rate indication
  • Accessories
  • Illuminators
  • Advantages
  • Roughed design, high quality glass

sfi l

Overall Dimensions

   ANSI DINThreaded or
Size Clear view150 lbs300lbs Weld end
DN 151⁄2”32 mm18219015578
DN 203⁄4”32 mm1821906078
DN 251”32 mm18219016077
DN 321 1⁄4”32 mm19220016577
DN 401 1⁄2”65 mm240250210127
DN 502”65 mm240250225126
DN 652 1⁄2”65 mm240250280125
DN 803”65 mm300315290145
DN 1004”65 mm310325305143

Sight Flow Indicator coding

1. TypeLook throughEFG-1
 Look through with paddle wheelEFG-2
 Look through with flapEFG-3
2. SizeDN 1515
 DN 2020
 DN 2525
 DN 3232
 DN 4040
 DN 5050
 DN 6565
 DN 8080
 DN 100100
3. ConnectionDIN flange10
 ANSI flange20
 Butt weld ends30
 Socket weld ends40
 BSP thread50
 NPT thread60
4. Pressure ratingThread/weld end conn.0
 PN 16, DIN std.16
 PN 40, DIN std40
 150 lbs, ANSI std.15
 300 lbs, ANSI std30
5. FacingThread/weld end conn.0
 DIN 2526 Form A26
 DIN 2513 Form R1313
 DIN 2512 Form N12
 Raised face RF, ANSI standardRF
 Flat face FF, ANSI standardFF
6. MaterialCarbon steel1
 AISI 3162
 Super Duplex4
 Hastelloy C6


2” Sight Flow Indicator look trough with ANSI flanges, 150 lbs with RF flange facing in 6Mo material has teh following coding EFG-1-050-20-15-RF-05

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