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EMCO Concentration Analyzer type 570

EMCO Concentration Analyzer Type 570


The EMCO Concentration Analyzer Type 570 is designed to precisely monitor the process with strong acids or bases in % or GPL in the process industry.
The EMCO analyzer measures the conductivity and temperature of the solution.
Complex polynomials correct for changing temperatures. The analyzer then correlate to the concentration of the solution.


The Analyzer is extremely easy to use due to the simple menu structure.
Select the appropriate process recipe followed by the selected chemical fluid and required measuring range and temperature.
The EMCO concentration Analyzer is very suitable for harsh environment in the process industry due to the stainless steel enclosure and IP65 protection class in combination with hinged cover.
The Analyzer can be mounted in a panel (panel opening 138 x 138 mm), on a wall or on a 2” pipe.
The Analyzer can be supplied with hinged look through cover.


The EMCO Concentration Analyzer and the 4 electrode sensor type 711 with internal electrodes for smaller pipe sizes or 721 for larger pipe sizes or vessels are extremely resistant to scale build-up, and offer long time stability, due to their design.
The analyzer offers high sample rate and an internal damping lowers the spikes.

Trend curves on output signal with selectable time period up to 8 hours for easy process check are available. The display is light blue, but turns red in case of analyzer/sensor failure. Galvanic isolated protective & measurement ground for elimination of ground loop noise.

Memory back up for all parameters.
Loop powered version is available, but without display back light.
All vital functions are pass word protectable Low power consumption, max. 4 VA.
User friendly menus are programmable in clear text.
Easy understandable icons reporting successful run of the process and possible alarm points. An external temperature sensor can be connected.


Various recipes for around 20 different chemicals are available
The analyzer contains the possibility to change between 2 recipes for example. between H2SO4 and conductivity.

Chemical Formula  Fluid Name 
H2SO4  Sulfuric Acid
CaCI2  Calcium Chloride 
NaCI  Sodium Chloride 
KNO3  Potassium Nitrate 
CH3COOH  Acetic Acid 
C2H4O3  Peroxyacetic Acid 
HCI  Hydrochloric Acid 
HNo3  Nitric Acid 
H3PO4 Phosphoric Acid 
HF  Hydrofluoric Acid 
NaOH  Sodium Hydroxide 
NH4OH Ammonium Hydroxide 
KOH  Potassium Hydroxide 
Ca2 Calcium Oxide 
P2O5  Phosphorus Pentoxide 
SO2  Sulphur Dioxide 
SO3  Sulphur Trioxide 
Raw Conductivity  0-3000 mS/cm 


Temperature limits operation: -25 to + 65ºC
Storage: - 40 to + 80ºC
Humidity: max. 80 Rh, non condensing


Instruction manual

Quality Assurance

EMCO Controls is certified according to : ISO 9001- 2008,
Pressure Equipment Directive PED Module H,
Welding quality certificate to EN 3834-2 and Sellicha

Technical Specification

Material, enclosure  AISI 316L housing 
Analog signal  dual 4-20mA, user programmable, galvanic isolated 
Alarm  dual relays, 230Vac 6Amp, change over, galvanic isolated 

Profibus PA
HART communication protocol
Fieldbus Foundation is pending 

Measuring range  0 – 3000 mS/cm, full auto range 
Temperature range  -35°C - +240°C, Pt1000 or Pt100 
Display  Backlit dot matrix (LCD) (line powered) 
Dimensions  144 x 144 x 67 mm, for panel, wall & pipe mounting 
Line powered  65-265 Vac or 9-36 V DC
Sensor connection  9 pole terminal connection 
Built in recipes  most common acids and bases 
Direct access to  Trend, diagnostic, setup menu 
Protection  IP65 
EMC/EMI  to EN61326 
Type of sensors  4 electrode and 2 electrode 
Limits of cell constant  0,01 - 1,0 
Damping internally, by averaging 5 cycles 
Lightening surpression  surge protection on all I/O's and power lines 
Hazardous area  ATEX Eex ia IIC T6, pending (only loop powered) 
SIL2 approval  under preparation 

Mounting Options