Restriction Plate Series for Insertion Between Compact Flanges IRB/6

restriction plate irb6

EMCO restriction plates are used to restrict the flow in order to prevent damage on pipe line equipment on the upstream side in blow down systems or to limit the flow / pressure to avoid damage on equipment on the downstream side. The plates can be calculated according to ISO 5167 as thin restriction orifice plates, or thick plates according to R.W. Miller/Ward-Smith.




restriction plates and critial flow devices

EMCO Restriction plates and Critical flow Devices type IRB/1, IRB/4, IRB/6, ILR

These single hole plates are mounted between flanges according to ANSI B 16.5 with raised face or ring type joint, according to the NORSOK flange standard L-005, or hub connections for high pressure applications The plates can be supplied in many different material qualities including AISI 316, 22Cr.Duplex, 25Cr Duplex, 6Mo, Hastelloy, Titanium etc. There is virtually no limitation for design pressure or temperature. A full documentation package is available including calculation of bore, plate thickness, noise level, dimensional drawing, pressure test, PMI test

Design and calculation standards :

    • ISO 5167, NORSOK L-005, Shell Flow Meter Engineering Handbook, R.W. Miller: Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook, etc.
    • Sizes : 1/2" - 24", larger sizes on request.
    • Pressure rating : 600 - 2500 lbs
    • Orifice plate shape : Square edge concentric.
    • Thickness calculation : NORSOK L-005 or ASME standard
    • Plate thickness : According to NORSOK L-005 or the thickness is calculated to handle the differential pressure.
    • Discharge coefficient : Determined by the thickness of the plate
    • Material : AISI 316, Duplex, Monel, 6Mo, Titanium, Hastelloy, Zirconium, others on request
    • Mounting style : Between flanges with IX grooves according to L-005
    • Handle : With name plate in AISI 316 with the following inscription : TAG no., serial no., pressure rating, inner pipe diameter, bore, material.
    • Documentation : Material certificate according to EN 10204-3.1., Plate thickness calculation, Noise calculation.

restriction plate irb6 ga


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