CONVAL ® Service Release 10.4

CONVAL ® Service Release 10.4
A new service release for CONVAL® 10 is now available for download.
CONVAL ® Service Release 10.4
Category: Updates
Among others, the CONVAL Service Release 10.4.1 provides the following improvements:
The CONVAL help system was blocked for network installations by a Windows security update.
Access is now possible again by updating the CONVAL Client installation.
Various problems with changing the display language have been fixed.
Issues with printing and exporting multiple calculations have been addressed.
Minor improvements and fixes of stability problems
Control Valve
An additional correction field  was added for the noise reduction by a sound-insulated pipe.
Nominal pressure ratings with pressure-temperature curves now also available according to ASME B16.34

Differential Pressure Flow Element
The new edition of ISO TR 15377:2018-01 is supported.
CONVAL checks whether orifices must be provided with an outlet bevel.
The uncertainty calculation of orifice plates with drain holes has been corrected.

Pressure Relief Valve
Extended filter options are available for valve selection.
During the plausibility check, the maximum set pressure was incorrectly compared with the relieving pressure and not with the set pressure.

Rupture Disc
Extended plausibility check for the maximum allowable working pressure MAWP for calculation according to ASME / API
Improved handling of calculations with a burst pressure below 15 psi

Pipe Wall Thickness
The last edition of DIN 2413:2011-06 is supported.
Details about other improvements and error corrections can be found on the download page in the version history and in the known bugs section.
The service release can be downloaded free of charge.