BT Data Centre Bletchley - Minisonic Clamp On

BT have strategic data centers located around the UK and Europe. These sites offer data storage and processing to blue chip companies as a service and are responsible for maintaining a level of serviceability. As an example, for guarantee of service they have 2 different suppliers of electricity, plus diesel back up generator sets and battery banks.The servers that store and process the data generate a significant amount of heat that needs to be removed to maintain the optimum operating temperature to provide reliability.The contractual financial penalty of failing to provide the service was in the order of £50m per hour, offline.
The Problem:
The cooling is achieved by providing cool air to the IT room, the warm air is removed and passed through a heat exchanger. To maintain the cool air, there is an array of heat exchangers, with a control philosophy of duty, standby and assist. There was requirement to install some low water flow alarms that indicate advance heat exchange failure facilitating a planned maintenance and shut down and service before a failure occurs. As the data centre could not be shut down, the meters had to be fitted without affecting the integrity of the pipe as the system was live at the time of installation.
The Solution:
The solution was the clamp on meter from ULTRAFLUX. The MINISONIC can be installed and commissioned in a very short space of time, without the requirement to shut the flow. The sensors are clamped on to the pipework, and the meter provides full self diagnostics confirming if the system has been installed correctly.The meter provides data to confirm the installations are correct and signal outputs can be assigned to many measurement parameters, such as flow and temperature.
Further Information:
For Further information on the MINISONIC range of Clamp on Ultrasonic Flowmeters or any other metering systems, please contact DP-Flow Ltd on +44 1865 600245 Or for Australia +61 8 9467 2622
Equipment Description:
EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATION: MINISONIC 600 pipe i. d. up to 600mm, Single/Dual Channel/Chord Options.Probe Types, Clamp On and Wetted. Outputs, 2x 4-20mA, 2 relays for alarm, flow direction, flow threshold, Totaliser, fault, RS232 and 485, JBUS-MODBUS Protocol. Power Supply 10-30 VDC, 9-18 VAC, Consumption 5W Typical Accuracy +/-1% of reading, repeatability +/-0.05% Now available with ESC (Echo Shape Control), and the new high technology probes for difficult applications. These meters now have an integral keypad, display and an incredible autofocus/noise rejection capability.