Cardiff Bay Wetlands Project - Minisonic 600

The Wetlands project was part of the Cardiff Bay development project which was to create a wetland area to attract wildlife in Cardiff Bay and also provide an area of scientific interest.To do this required the building of a dam to stop the tidal area from drying out. This had the effect of raising the water table in the local area and it was this that needed constant draining. This was achieved by installing 12 boreholes with automatic level monitoring, pumping, metering and logging. The meters were selected for ease of installation operation and maintenance.
The Problem:
Low Maintenance and infrequent calibrations were pre-requisite along with ease of installation, 4-20 mA outputs and alarm functions.
The Solution:
The Minisonic range of flowmeters were selected for their range-ability and ease of installation. All pipework had been installed so clamp-on meters were selected for the retrofit capability. Flows were not interrupted or by-passed and the installation could be easily checked by the in-built diagnostics.
Further Information:
For Further information on the MINISONIC range of Clamp on Ultrasonic Flowmeters or any other metering systems, please contact DP-Flow Ltd on +44 1865 600245 Or for Australia +61 8 9467 2622
Equipment Description:
MINISONIC 600 pipe i. d. up to 600mm, MINISONIC 2000 pipe i. d. up to 3300 mm. Single/Dual Channel/Chord Options.Probe Types, Clamp On and Wetted. Outputs 2x 4-20mA, 2 relays for alarm, flow direction, flow threshold, Totaliser, fault, RS232 and 485, JBUS-MODBUS Protocol. Power Supply 10-30 VDC, 9-18 VAC, Consumption 5W Typical Accuracy +/-1% of reading, repeatability +/-0.05% Now available with ESC (Echo Shape Control), and the new high technology probes for difficult applications. These meters now have an integral keypad, display and an incredible autofocus/noise rejection capability. Full user lists and references are available.