Tilmanstone Salads

Tilmanstone Salads, formerly Bourne Salads has a new production facility in Kent. The site produces freshly prepared pre-packaged salads for resale by the large supermarket chains. As part of the new environmental quality systems, monitoring water distribution and usage through out the plant was required, allowing departments to reduce wastage and departments to be billed.
The Problem:
The supply and discharge piping system was installed by the original building contractor prior to Tilmanstone arriving on site. There was no facility for metering the distribution system, and as production was not permitted to stop for installation of distribution meters, a portable survey meter with integral logger was required. In addition as the application was for food use, suitable hygienic materials had to be used or a non contact clamp on device was to be used.
The Solution:
The ULTRAFLUX DigiSonic E Portable flowmeter with integral logger fitted the bill. Now supplied as a kit to cover most applications and to suit a more conservative pocket, the DigiSonic E is of a specification to suit most customer requirements. Designed to clamp on to the outside of a pipe, the meter can be used on pipes from 25 mm 1000mm dia as standard and 8-5000mm on pure and dirty fluids with suitable probes. This system was supplied with software and a thickness gauge so the pipe wall thicknesses can be measured and the logger downloaded when required.
Further Information:
For Further information on the DIGISONIC range of Clamp on Ultrasonic Flowmeters or any other metering systems, please contact DP-Flow Ltd on +44 1865 600245 www.dp-flow.co.uk Or for Australia +61 8 9467 2622 www.dp-flow.com.au
Equipment Description:
MINISONIC UF 801P pipe i. d. 10 to 10,00mm, MINISONIC P pipe i. d. 10 to 3300 mm. Probe Types, Clamp On and Wetted. Outputs 4-20mA, 2 relays for alarm, flow direction, flow threshold, Totaliser, fault, RS232 and 485, JBUS-MODBUS Protocol. Power Supply Battery/10-30 VDC, 9-18 VAC, Consumption 5W Typical Accuracy +/-1% of reading, repeatability +/-0.05% Echo amplification up to 102 db. ESC (Echo Shape Control -MiniP), and the new high technology probes for difficult applications. These meters have an integral keypad, display and an incredible autofocus/noise rejection capability. Full user lists and references are available. Come with software as part of the package.