Hot Syn Gas Flows

Client required a hot gas flow measurement for its packaged synthesised gas power generation skids.
The Problem:
Hot syn gas can be problematic in terms of its content, it tends to jam turbine meters, stick to thermal elements that can insulate the sensor. Finding an instrument that is robust and can be calibrated in the field can be tricky.
The Solution:
Biomass power generation company purchases 18 x DK251 Pitot Tubes. The biomass plant is comprised of 3 individual gasifier and power generation plants, which add scalability and reliability to the design. Purchased in batches of 6, each batch are to be used on each separate plant that generates Syn Gas from wood chip and bio waste. Out of each batch of 6, 3 are used on the gasifier, 2 on the process and 1 on the flare. The Siemens DSIII Differential Pressure Transmitter was free issued to us and supplied readily assembled and configured to this project. They have all been installed and fully commissioned and have recently had their first annual process callibration by DP Flow Ltd. Pipe size range from DN50 to DN200. DP Flow Ltd specialise in primary metering technology, covering all types of technology, and supply cutting edge transmitters to support this low cost, high performance measurement.
Further Information:
For Further information on Pitot Tubes, Transmitters or any other metering systems, please contact DP-Flow Ltd on +44 1865 600245 Or for Australia +61 8 9467 2622
Equipment Description:
Averaging Pitot Tubes with large ported sensors Siemens DSIII d/p transmitters
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