MRK Orifice and Carrier for Calcinator Process

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DP Flow Ltd are pleased to have supplied a DN450 Orifice and Carrier to a large plant employing a combustion / calcination process in a gypsum plant to drive off excess water from their product. The site had been surveyed and dimensionally checked, and measured up for a replacement. The carrier thickness had to be specially machined to fit the existing dimension between flanges, which demonstrated the flexibility offered to companies replacing existing plant. The plate replaced an ageing orifice whose data plate had been lost, and so the historical records could not be verified. As the plate had to come out for inspection and measurement, and the installation and commissioning time scale was tight, a replacement plate and carrier was supplied with the supporting instrumentation.
The Problem:
The feed air flow rate was to be scaled to 20,000 NCMH and operated at 0.25 BarG, 60-80 C, in a vertical duct with flow in the upwards direction.
The Solution:
Due to fluctuations in temperature and pressure, and in order to maintain the excess air ratio with a high confidence level, a multi variable transmitter was supplied to provide a mass flow / normalised flow with integral pressure and temperature correction. The multi variable transmitter supplied, incorporates a Reynolds number correction for the changing discharge coefficient, maintaining an accuracy of typically 1% of flow for typical head type applications. The equations and measurements correct for changing geometry due to temperature variations. It accepts 2-3-4 wire RTDs and can be used with Orifice plates, Pitot and Venturi Tubes, Nozzle wedge and cone meters.
Further Information:
DP-Flow Ltd replaced the previous orifice plate and carrier assembly that had been used in the line for many years. The plate was resized to reflect the new process conditions, and the carrier was changed to provide a better fit the existing flange connection. The orifice plate was delivered on time and within budget. A subsequent site visit assisted the local C&I team to cross check the measured flows; and amend the base flow units from NCMH to SCMH – which reflected the base conditions of 15C and 1.01325 Bar as opposed to 0 C and 1.01325 BarA.
Equipment Description:
SCOPE OF SUPPLY:- Site Survey; IMV30 Multivariable pressure transmitter; DN450 MRK Orifice Plate and Carrier Assembly; Post installation support and commissioning
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